The Studios

Welcome to The Studios at CC’s

The Studios at CC’s has been a continuous transformation since 2010. What began as a small sensual dance studio has evolved into an all encompassing boutique-style fitness facility, bringing you state of the art workouts, guaranteed to put your body and mind in a better place than you ever realized possible.

At The Studios, you will achieve the results found with a personal trainer and receive the support of a group atmosphere. All you need to do is show up on your mat and we will take care of the rest. Our classes incorporate as many elements of fitness as possible into an abbreviated time table. No longer must you feel the need to spend two hours at the gym every day to receive all the elements of strength, stretch and cardio that are both recommended by the American Heart Association and required to maximize the results of your hard work.

Many of our classes will place your body in a stretched position, strengthen with the aid of only your body weight, and elevate your heart rate. Translation: maximum burn, maximum results, minimal time. Don’t worry. If you want more than an hour of heart rate elevation and muscle exertion, we offer that too. Just don’t be surprised if you find 60 minutes at The Studios slightly more challenging than your current 60-minute routine.

It is our goal at The Studios to constantly create a new and challenging mix of group fitness classes to both keep your body guessing and help you achieve a constant state of metamorphosis.


The Studios at CC’s is conveniently located in downtown Bismarck, North Dakota with quick and easy parking at the new Broadway Center.

First Class is Always Free. New to The Studios and ready to give it a try? At The Studios, your first class is always free. Give us a call and get registered today!

Fitness for every body

It is our goal at The Studios to constantly create a new and challenging mix of group fitness classes to keep your body guessing and achieve a constant state of metamorphosis. 

exercise your mind. love your body.  live your life.