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Dr. April Mettler, PT, WCS
Owner | Physical Therapist Specializing in Trigger Point Dry Needling and Gender Specific Issues| Barre Instructor 

Meet Your Administrative Staff

Christine Reiser
Front Desk | Group Fitness | Barre Instructor | Barre Flow Instructor | Buti Sculpt Instructor | Buti Yoga Instructor | HotCore Instructor | Yoga Instructor | Yoga Sculpt Instructor

I am a lover of muscles and movement – I have been ever since finding yoga as a teenager. Even as a kid, the fusion of the poses and breath were pure magic. Over the next ten years, my pursuit of sweaty practices took many forms – distance running, dance, weight lifting, pilates, and barre – yet yoga remained my truest love. I knew I simply had to share these practices with others. I began teaching in 2013 and hold certifications from Yoga Center Minneapolis, Behold Barre, UGI®, Pilates ProWorks, and Buti® Yoga. This lifelong pursuit of sweaty practices led to a number of biomechanical dysfunctions, which ultimately led me to the loving hands of our physical therapy team. I became so humbled by and grateful for the opportunity to learn from our doctors during my therapy appointments that I asked April for a job. When you meet me on the mat, you can expect to sweat, to cultivate some serious strength, and to crack your heart and hips wide open. I am inspired by the desert sun, dance-like vinyasa flows, and electronic dance music. I am a strong supporter of savasana, a self-diagnosed chocoholic, and an avid Denver Broncos fan.  I am honored to be a part of this talented team, and I cannot wait to meet you on the mat!

Meet Your Doctors of Physical Therapy

Dr. Calvin Crawford, PT
Physical Therapist Specializing in Trigger Point Dy Needling

Born and raised in Devils Lake, ND and found my love for Physical Therapy from my own injuries when I was just an 8th grader. I followed my dream to college at the University of North Dakota where my undergraduate curriculum emphasized sports medicine and exercise science. In 2015 I received my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from UND and I was off on the job hunt. I have wanted to live and work in Bismarck my entire life as it has everything I need to meet my passion for the outdoors including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and being on the water during the summer.  My job hunt led me to meet April and Jenny here at CC’s and they made my decision very easy. I have a passion for exercise and wellness and getting people back to an active lifestyle. I have worked with all levels of athletes and sports from 6th grade all the way to MLB pitchers in Phoenix during spring training. I am also certified in functional dry needling which has become a huge part of getting my patients back to their optimal level of performance faster than ever. My specializations also include surgical or non-surgical orthopedic rehab, vertigo, and myofascial trigger point release.

Dr. Jenny Johnson, PT, OCS, ATC, LAT
Physical Therapist Specializing in Trigger Point Dry Needling, Licensed Athletic Trainer, Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Hey everyone! I am originally from Bismarck and am so glad to be back here! After growing up here, I attended the University of Mary to obtain my Bachelors in Athletic Training (’06) as well as my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (’09). I worked as a certified athletic trainer around Bismarck/Mandan during grad school and have lots of experience working with athletes. After graduation I moved to Miles City, MT, where I spent 5 years working with various patient populations including acute care, orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, sports medicine, as well as pediatrics. My experience with pediatrics includes working with kiddos in outpatient settings, home care, and the NICU, and was such an amazing setting. I seem to have found my niche with orthopedic and sports medicine, and that really seems to be where my heart is. It is just so rewarding to be able to help athletes improve function and return to sport at any level, and it just never gets old. I have worked with a few of the schools in eastern Montana to help them get the athletic training services their athletics programs needed, where they previously had no sports medicine coverage. My other areas of interest and experience include myofascial release, cervicogenic headaches, vertigo/dizziness, surgical rehab, and functional dry needling. I am currently certified to perform functional dry needling and I have found it to be a highly valuable tool in my practice. Returning function to muscles that have been dysfunctional for so long is so beneficial, and patients seem to improve so much quicker. I am so excited to be a part of CC’s Physical Therapy and to work with all of you. I cannot wait to see what new projects we can expand on with the amazing potential here at CC’s!

Meet Your Instructors

Meredith Russell
Barre | Buti Yoga | Yoga

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Jenna Reiser
Buti Sculpt | HotCore | Yoga Sculpt 

Hello! I’ve been a dental hygienist in Bismarck since 2002. I have an amazing daughter, Bailey Jean; who has changed my life in so many ways! Love her to death! I was born and raised in Zap, ND. Naturally, I’m a farm girl at heart and a through and through tom boy. I love to camp, four wheel, play softball and get DIRTY! I discovered group fitness through the wonderful Ms. April M. I found myself in love with so much: the classes, my body, myself and my new fabulous friends. The confidence these practices build for women is undeniable! I love to learn new things and to help women experience all the wonderful things of loving and taking care of yourself. You all deserve it and I can’t wait to rock your booties off! I’m hyper, I love my daughter, I love people, and shaking my booty. See you at The Studios!

Jill Walcker
Buti Yoga | Yoga Sculpt

Hey Y’all! Let’s just say – great music, dripping sweat, and building strength are a few of my favorite things! I’m a massage therapist by day and a sweaty buttisattva by night. Buti Yoga = love. This is a practice I’m extremely passionate about. My students tell me that taking my class is like being wrapped up in a really good hug. Come try it if you want a self-loving, sweat-inducing workout unlike anything else. I am so excited for the opportunity to help others experience this practice. I am both a teacher and student, and I relish in any and all opportunities to deepen my yoga practice as well. I also enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my family, mountain biking, singing in the car and carrot cake. See you at The Studios!

Kalli Kourajian

Buti Yoga | HotCore | Yoga  | Yoga Sculpt

Hi! I grew up in Bismarck, and each year I live here I find even more appreciation for this area. I started dancing when I was a little girl and continued on to compete at a national level in college. Shortly after, I was introduced to yoga and we’ve been good friends ever since. I am now a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance and Buti Yoga. I love expressing myself through my body and movement. I learn a little more about myself each practice. Sometimes I make a discovery about what my body can do or recognize a thought pattern I have, and sometimes I find inspiration from a peer in class. The growth I’ve experienced from having a dedicated practice is truly priceless to me. Other loves of mine are my sweet loved ones, good beverages, cruising the river, going on hikes, thought provoking conversation, a good laugh, exploring new places, making ridiculous videos on Snapchat, learning and helping others grow! The Studios has such a strong sense of community, and I’m thankful to be a part of it. Meet me on your mat and together we can push our limits, celebrate successes, find patience and have a genuinely good time. I hope to see you in class!

Lindsay Masset
Barre | Buti Sculpt | Buti Yoga | HotCore | Yoga  | Yoga Sculpt

Hey there! My name is LindsAy and I LOVE teaching! I’m a ND native who grew up flipping and hand-walking at gymnastics practice since the age of 2. Competing in gymnastics fostered a desire in me to perform. It wasn’t until college that I found enough courage to audition for a play! Afterwards I was hooked. I received my Bachelors in Acting, Directing and Dance at Minnesota State Univ. Moorhead. Character acting and comedy was my strength, and this fact drew me to grad school at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California. Here my studies included; Acrobatics, Mask Work, Melodrama, Ensemble Movement and Clown performance. I was lucky to get hired right out of school and I’ve performed various types of theatre all across the country, touring with notable companies like; Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre, Portland Actors’ Ensemble, and Do Jump Extremely Physical Theatre. It was at Do Jump that I trained in Single-Point Dance Trapeze and Partner Acrobatics. My most memorable role was a giant (two-person) ninja-ballerina that jeted and back-flipped across the New Victory Stage in New York! Through performing trapeze and crazy, larger-than-life characters on stage, I realized that I needed to keep my body in top shape but in a manner that wasn’t further taxing my body’s ability to function at this high level. In my search for exercise that had a low risk of injury and overuse, I found yoga. Yoga grabbed me, or perhaps I grabbed it. I noticed a change in my mood, and I started to not only sleep better, but was gaining flexibility in a manner that I didn’t know I could still do in my twenties! I then realized that I wanted to hone these yoga skills and share this knowledge with others. I moved back to my home state to continue my yoga journey and spread this fire growing in my soul. As much as I enjoy playing onstage, my heart is happiest when I’m leading and inspiring others to gain confidence and body control. Helping others find fun ways to develop greater agility, grace, and self-worth is what causes me to wake up delighted in the mornings, and eager to embrace my day. When I see eyes tearing up from a student after class, saying that they NEEDED that, I know I’m on the right path. I am a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and Buti® Yoga. I have specialty certifications in Vinyasa-based Yoga Instruction, Buti® Yoga Instruction-Levels 1 & 2, Hot Buti®, Advanced Buti® Yoga Instruction, Hotcore, Buti® Sculpt, Barre Bliss, and Group Fitness Leading. I was accepted as a Master Trainee through Buti Yoga and hope to make Master Trainer with Buti Yoga this year, where I will teach women all over the world how to become a Buti Yoga Instructor. (Don’t fret, I’m not leaving Bismarck!) I am also a certified DoTerra Aromatouch Technician, and I love to enhance my classes and daily life with essential oils. In my free time, you might see me swinging on the trapeze in my living room, running around town with my puppy Tula, or kickin it on the river with my adorable husband Ry. I’m honored to work with these lovely teachers, leaders, and this amazing community we foster here at The Studios at CC’s.

Lisa Grabar

Hi there! My name is Lisa and I was born and raised in Bismarck. I grew up participating in gymnastics and diving, so I have a full appreciation for working out barefoot and using my own body weight for resistance. I am a full time Internal Auditor, but don’t let that scare you! About two years ago I decided I wanted to move from the back of the class to the front and started teaching classes. I started with Zumba. Being a gymnast you might think that I could dance, NOT! I was what they call a “poser”. After a few Zumba classes, I started to fall in love and get more comfortable moving my body. When I started teaching my own class, I incorporated more fitness into the dance to get a killer workout AND have fun. Teaching Zumba also led me into teaching some other muscle/cardio mix classes like Tabata. I enjoy coming up with new exercises each week to challenge my classes. Some other things I love are going to the lake, sailing, skiing, playing with my 3 dogs, cooking, eating, and drinking wine. See you at The Studios!

Pam Kostelecky

Hello! My name is Pam and I am many things: yoga instructor, entrepreneur, loving mom, and savvy business woman. I hold certifications from AFFA, ACE, and YOGA Fit. I lead a western flavored yoga in the STRALA style. In class I encourage my students to practice with ease, following a “let it flow” mantra. I am an eternal student of yoga and travel frequently to conferences around the country to further my own practice. Outside of teaching, I love biking, swimming, flowers, family, and God. I’ll see you at The Studios!

We also feature a roster of talented substitutes including: Tanner Schweitzer, Maria Wald, Shannon Koski, Kirsten Skeie, April Bergan

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