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Finding balance

As a yoga teacher, my responsibility is to ask the question "why". What's the goal behind the movement, the intention of the physical piece of the practice? Most yogis will tell you they practice yoga to find balance, be it in your body on your mat or in your life...

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It pays to play

By Christine Reiser - CC's Staff You've got to play to win, right? And boy, oh boy, do I love to play. An identical twin, a Leo, and a former athlete, I love the thrill of good old competition. Who doesn't? And it was from my competitive mindset that our March Madness...

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Hey there sway back.

By Christine Reiser - CC's Staff Ok. Let’s talk about your psoas. The iliopsoas is a two muscle team made up of the psoas major and the iliacus. These muscles originate in the lower back and connect to the front of the hip joint. The psoas connects the upper and lower...

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